The Barrier Between You and Your Dreams


Tomorrow is full of the unknown. Fear loves the unknown, it breeds there like rabbits.

The problem with tomorrow is we can’t physically see tomorrow, it’s a part of the unknown. We are in the world of today.

For many people what they cannot see becomes a barrier between them and their dream. Causing their potential to go unused. 

In essence they give up. They have allowed what they don’t know to kill their dreams.

Did you know?

The impala (kind of like a gazelle) is only 33 inches high but has the ability to jump 10 feet high and 30 feet across.


But at the zoo, they generally keep them enclosed by a 3 foot fence. Why?

Because they will not jump unless they can see precisely where their feet are going to land. 

This sounds a lot like our fears of the unknown.

There are many things about the future that I don’t know. To be honest, there are many things about the future that scare me.

I wonder how I am going to provide for my family. I wonder if my life will have meaning, whether I will have a positive impact on the world or not.

What I do know is that we are given today. We need to use today to live our lives with purpose. This purpose should include a plan for tomorrow.

But the unknown should not stop us from jumping.

Many times we are like the impala. We can’t see where our feet are going to land. We don’t know if we will be successful. We don’t know if we will make it or not.

So we don’t try. We setting for normal, for mediocre, for average.

We are kept in our neat little world of safety by a 3 foot fence called fear because we don’t know what tomorrow looks like.

What if you knew that 3 foot fence couldn’t keep you in? What would you attempt?

You will most likely land on your feet on the other side.

Fear tries to prevent you from starting.

The first step is a big step but necessary one. It takes courage; I did that last year when I started this blog.

Fear likes to keep you isolated. When you tell someone your ideas, fear looses its ability to hold you.

This week, take a moment to identify 1 fear that is holding you back. Then tell someone. Be honest with them and name the 3 foot fence.

You might not be able to see where your feet are going to land, but that doesn’t guarantee failure.

The only guarantee you have of failure, is to stop pursuing your dream and living life on purpose.

What is it about the unknown that holds you back from pursuing the thing that is most important to you?

Paul Jolicoeur

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6 responses to The Barrier Between You and Your Dreams

  1. Loved it Paul. Thanks for sharing. I have been thinking alot about my/God dreams lately. I just finished “love does” by Bob Goff and now am in a novel about a woman and dreams reawakened. Timely.

  2. You got a lot of good quotes in here and that example of the Impala was perfect. I never knew that about them and it’s interesting how we let small fears in a similar manner become huge walls.

  3. Great post Paul! I’ve learned that I have to keep jumping that little 3 foot fence over and over. The journey to success is full of three foot fences, just when you think you’ve conquered your fear you discover a new fence. Great reminder here to keep going for it!

    • I have found that after time has passed what once was a fear I over came has crept in again. Its like when I go cliff jumping, the first jump is always difficult, than I can jump all day long! But if I don’t jump for a few months, I have to start all over again.

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