6 Tips on How to Wake Up Earlier


I have begun the routine of getting up early. I have been wanting to get up earlier so that I can begin to do a few things I keep saying “I don’t have time for”.

The reality is I had time, I just wasn’t creating the margin in my life so that I could use that time properly.

I have noticed that those that are high achievers seem to have time for the things they value. They seem to be able to accomplish more with the same amount of time. Those people, including the president of the USA, as well as you and I have the same 24 hours each day.

How do they do it?! Sleeping Jaslyn

We always make time for the things we hold a high priority for. (Tweet this!)


One area I need more discipline in is my morning routine. I don’t want to just get up, get ready and head to work.

I decided it was time to add margin into my morning by starting my day earlier. 

It’s easy to talk about waking up earlier, so here are a few tips that have really helped:

1. Set the Alarm:

Decide the night before what time you are going to get up and then set an alarm for that time. Sometimes the biggest act of self-discipline in getting up earlier is setting the alarm the night before.

The second biggest act is actually getting up when the alarm goes off!

2. Brew Coffee:

I like my coffee strong with no cream or sugar. Nice and simple! I use my french press first thing in the morning.

Drinking coffee first thing while I read my Bible sets my day on a good foundation.

3. Burn Your Bridge:

I make my side of the bed. I get dressed. I try to make it as hard as possible to go back to sleep.

4. Use Light:

Once you’re up, turn some lights on or go into a bright room. I even use a Philips BLU Light. This cues my body that it’s now daytime and I should be awake.

5. Routine: 

If you are going to get up earlier you want it to be worth it. Have a plan. I know what I am going to do with the extra 90min I now have. That way I give the margin purpose.

6. Bedtime / Wake up: 

If you start off trying to go to bed at 10pm, you might just toss and turn for a couple hours.

When you are first starting out, don’t just try to go to bed early. Start by waking up at the time you want to. This will be challenging at first, but within a few days, you will start to feel tired earlier at night and from there you can create a steady bedtime.


I have a young family. My daughter is 2.5 years old and my son is 10 months. They wake up every day at the same time so when they get up, my wife needs my help. Once they’re up and running, my time is theirs.

Before they get up, though, that time is mine. It’s all mine! That is the time I have to do the many things I want to do. I can do them without interruption. I want to read more, write more, pray more, etc.

I find that couple of hours of silence before they are up is uninterrupted production time for me. The 6 tips above help me accomplish this first thing in the morning.

Getting up earlier is still a struggle.

Question: What tips do you have to help get up earlier?


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15 responses to 6 Tips on How to Wake Up Earlier

  1. Good tips, Paul. I would also emphasiz, Make It A Habit. Get up the same time every morning. Don’t get up a different times every day. (I exclude weekends from this rule.) But, I get up the same time every weekday morning. My internal clock knows it’s time to awake.

  2. If you’re struggling to get up early consistently, I would recommend finding someone who can hold you accountable to getting up early. If you’re like me, you may only need this accountability for a couple of months until your body clock realigns itself. Now, I get up at 4:25AM before the alarm goes off most every day.

    • Thats awesome Jon, I hope that soon my body will wake up 1min before the alarm goes off. Accountability is key when developing a new habit. I have seen someone tweet a pic of their alarm clock each morning when they get up.

  3. I love getting up early. Before the world starts to move, I get a chance to get tons done without interruption. One of the best tips I’ve found is to make sure I know *why* I’m getting up in the first place. Keeping this in my mind really helps. Maybe it’s to get some emails out of my inbox so I can feel better throughout the day, or it’s exercising to live a healthier lifestyle, or just giving myself some quiet time to read. Whatever it is, when I’m glaring at my phone as it vibrates telling me to get up, I think of that reason and then get my butt in gear.

    Great tips.

    • I’m with you Ryan! Having this time to get things done, frees up other time in the day for family, work, etc. without having to feel like you are giving up on the things you want to accomplish. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I think one of most important elements is to do it long enough to form the new habit of getting up early. Habits can allow us to turn a task into a routine. Great tips here.

  5. Great tips Paul. I share the same habits. As far as coffee is concerned, I try to set the brew time for early in the morning. That way, the smell gets me up and into the kitchen! That plus the fear of a pot of coffee going cold ;).

  6. Marry a wife with an in-built 6am alarm clock!

  7. These are great ideas. The hardest part is forming the habit around the habits of other people!

    • I hear you! I found that we can create consistency in the outlining areas of our day. For me doing many of things I want to do are tough once the day gets rolling. So I have to carve out my own time before everyone else’s day begins.

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